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On Funerals #CmonBabyLightMyPyre
Funereal Studies

Poets Reading Poets:
‘Woman’ by Arun Kolatkar

On Manju Kapur:
Not Austen, Not Bollywood

A selection of Indian Contemporary Poetry and an accompanying feature article:
Cubicles of Consciousness: The Poetry
Cubicles of Consciousness: The Feature

Blogs on Indian Literature and writing:
To Explain or Not To Explain
Ethnicity and Authenticity
Assassins, Other Wonders and Realism

CD: LiTTLe MACHiNe”  includes ‘Santa Fe’ based on my poem
Their first CD is sold out but you can listen to or download ‘Santa Fe’ here

CD: And the Story So Far… Povestea de pana acum… 

Bilingual English and Romanian CD produced as part of the poetry pRO project in 2009 | 21 poets and 17 translators | Includes Morphing read by me in English and the Romanian translation.
Available from http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/ ›

Occasional Arts Reviews

A multi-media poetry exhibition from Hong Kong’s poetry group, OUTLOUD, for the International Literary Festival.
See the poems