in favour of proportional, yep!

I couldn’t resist writing a hopeful future election poem, on this day before the UK General Election 2019. It’s a call for Proportional Representation. This is the best time to get people thinking about what their votes would mean in a different electoral system, considering every party is now urging Tactical Voting.

Tremendous Reviews for PATINA

Witty & Wry with a Steely Heart*

Patina, launched in New York at the Matwaala festival in April 2019 has received tremendous reviews, excerpted below.

Jindal’s capacity for hard beauty and pride in her own unsentimentality…along with an irreverent playfulness made me want to see her take this tone to its limits, to interrogate her own premises  berfrois
Both trenchant & calming…this is it!   Asian Review of Books
Elegant forceful lyrics   Ink Sweat and Tears
Beautifully contemplative   The Lake
Powerful   The High Window
Poignancy and grace laced in a rare simplicity   Confluence
With magical simplicity, Jindal connects easily with readers  The Book Review

* from the review by Colin Pink in The Lake.

Photo by Tim Tomlinson at the Red Room, New York City.

With Salman Rushdie at the NYU launch.

Reading from Patina.

Yogesh Patel unwrapping Patina at the NYU launch.

From readers:

I have to say Patina is an absolute treat. Couldn’t put it down. It’s like when you have something salty and then something sweet, then salty and sweet again and you cannot stop till you’ve finished the whole lot. Anuradha Gupta
An eclectic mix, with a contemporary feel and a subversive edge. Isabel Bermudez
A gem of a book. Arpita Sharma
Reading Patina is like sipping fine wine. SV

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Shortlisted as Best Anthology in the Saboteur Awards

Wonderful News! May We Borrow Your Country by The Whole Kahani is shortlisted for Best Anthology in the Saboteur Awards. Please add your vote here if you enjoyed the book. It’s quick and easy, just select the box in each category.

Our publisher, Linen Press, is shortlisted too for Most Innovative Publisher, do add your vote for them too.

Deadline for voting is 12 May. 

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PATINA – Released on 3 April, 2019

Eclectic. Charming. Punchy. Stylish.

My poetry chapbook will be available next week, published by the gifted people at ‘the wind in the trees’.


Eloquent on manifold themes, the twenty-eight poems selected for this chapbook move with grace from the personal to the political to the worldly. Kavita’s work is by turns poignant, impassioned, droll and rousing. Her writing retains the original slant and subtle strangeness of Raincheck Renewed, while the poems have become a touch longer and more direct.

Patina is available as a hand-numbered limited edition.

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