Stand magazine, Issue 213
School of English, University of Leeds | March – May 2017
Two poems


South Asian ENSEMBLE
A Canadian Quarterly of Arts, Literature and Culture
Vol. 7 Number 1&2 | Winter & Spring 2015
Three poems


Poets in Person   At The Glassblower
Edited by Aprilia Zank |  2014
Indigo Dreams Publishing
Five Poems


An Anthology of Indian Women Poets | Edited by Dr Nandini Sahu
2014 | The Poetry Society of India
Two Poems


The Dance of the Peacock 
Edited by Dr Vivekanand Jha | September 2013
Hidden Brook Press
Five Poems


  • South Asian ENSEMBLE | A Canadian Quarterly of Arts, Literature and Culture | Vol. 5 Number 1&2 | Spring 2013 | 5 poems

Lyrical Beats cover

Lyrical Beats: Celebrating Five Years of Rhythm & Muse
Poems and lyrics | ed. Alison Hill | September 2012 (Rhythm & Muse)
The anthology includes two recent poems of mine:
How I Will Write… Next Year
After The Recital; The Lost Page


English Poetry by Indians

The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry [India] A landmark international book that reflects the vibrant contemporary poetry culture of India and the broader Indian diaspora. The featured poets are born post 1950, after India became a republic, and showcase the best English poetry by Indians over the last sixty years. | Ed. Sudeep Sen | HarperCollins India | July 2012
Three of my poems are included:
Such a Thing as a Cloud would Sully your Tongue
It Was In May. The Sky Poured
Aljez at Midnight

Read my article on the preview copy for Writers’ Hub:
Cubicles of Consciousness
Read my selection of poems from an early copy of the manuscript:
Kavita Jindal Selects: Contemporary Indian Poetry

The Yellow Nib

The Yellow Nib – Modern English Poetry by Indians
Special Edition | Edited by Sudeep Sen | Yellow Nib Editor Ciaran Carson
July 2012 | The Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Queen’s University, Belfast
Three poems by me are included in this anthology of 40 modern poets:
It Was In May. The Sky Poured.
A Bonsai for Princess Masako
Matter Grows Thin


  • South Asian ENSEMBLE | A Canadian Quarterly of Arts, Literature and Culture | Vol. 3 Number 3 | Summer 2011 | 3 poems
  • Poetry tREnD | English – German Anthology | Ed. Aprilia Zank | July 2010 | Lit Verlag Deutschland
    ‘Act of Faith’ in English and three translations into German of the poem; by Lukas Sonnberger; Barbara Oberhauser and Aprilia Zank
  • Seeking Refuge | Cinnamon Press | May 2010
  • Asia Literary Review | Issue 12 | Summer 2009
  • Not A Muse | Haven Books | March 2009
  • In Our Own WordsVolume 7 | MW Enterprises | September 2007
  • The Lamp & Owl | Birkbeck College | 2006 | Poem ‘Patina’
  • Honoring FathersThe University of Philippines Press | June 2005
  • Poetry LiveChameleon Press | March 2005

Raincheck Renewed Cover

Raincheck Renewed
Chameleon Press | January 2004
Find out more

You can read several of the poems in Raincheck Renewed in English as well as the corresponding Romanian translations here:
Raincheck Renewed Translation Cafe No 116

Raincheck Renewed translated into Romanian by Patricia Neculae
Under the aegis of The MA Programme for the Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text – English | Bucharest University