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Galvanise Gloss
First published in Confluence journal, February 2020
This story was also featured on Byte the Book in September 2020

Three Singers
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Love Across A Broken Map | The Whole Kahani anthology
Dahlia Publishing | 3 June 2016
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Sister Philomena’s Veil
(a lightly-fictionalised memoir)
The Asia Literary Review: Issue 26 | Winter 2014
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When You Go You Leave A Farce
The Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 10
Tenth Anniversary Special Edition | September 2013
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You can hear an extract from the story on the Hubbub podcast from October 2013 here


A Flash of Pepper
Winner of the Foyles Haruki Murakami competition | January 2012
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A short note on my inspiration for the story here

The Moth Magazine

Sweet Peas
The Moth Magazine | Issue 8 | Spring 2012
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Too Asian Not Asian Enough
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Too Asian, Not Asian Enough
Tindal Street Press | October 2011
Featured in New Books Magazine, you can read the story online here – Too Asian, Not Asian Enough
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Preludes and Elusions
The Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 6 | September 2009
The context for this story is my original idea of ‘pre-conception contracts’.
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Excerpt from the review of the anthology in The Independent on 2 October 2009:
“An intriguing cluster of tales – from David Quéva, Kavita Jindal, Jon Elsom – touch via fantasy or even SF on fears about the fate of children.”

‘Preludes and Elusions’ also published in The Group Online Magazine / Edited by Larry Buttrose / Issue 7 – FUTURE-ISM / March 2011


There was a Turtle
The Mechanics’ Institute Review: Issue 3 | September 2006
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“There was a Turtle” also published in: The Group Online Magazine | The Literature Issue | Edited by Adair Jones | July 2010 |
Introduction from Adair Jones: In this nuanced short story, Kavita Jindal weaves together a rich tapestry of the ways superstition and psychology operate in modern life. On a trip to New Mexico, Jindal discovered Zuni fetishes (tiny carved ‘charms’); their beauty inspired the story.