The Planet Spins On Its Own Axis, Regardless

For January 2019. Or perhaps every January.

A brief rumination by me at Visual Verse in response to an image by Matt Boyce.
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‘The Whole Kahani’ was invited to be the lead writers this month for Visual Verse.
We encourage all writers worldwide to submit a piece in response to the image.
Pieces will be selected by the editors of Visual Verse after the deadline of 15th January, and will be published on the site.
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May We Borrow Your Country is a contemporary collection of stories and poems that looks at dislocation and displacement with sympathy, tolerance and humour. It is peopled by courageous, poignant, eccentric individuals who cross borders, accommodate to new cultures and try to establish an identity in a new place. In the process, they encounter different versions of themselves, like reflections in a room of trick mirrors.

a rich collection…with dry humour and poetic verve.
Preti Taneja, Winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize 2018

A thoroughly modern and lively collection which reaches out across multiple histories and distinctive worlds to capture some of the best in contemporary British Asian women’s writing today.
Susheila Nasta MBE, Editor in Chief of Wasafiri

Read my blog on the wider meanings within the book title here:

Photograph by Jags Parbha.

Cover Unveiled for “May We Borrow Your Country” by The Whole Kahani

Here it is: the fabulous cover for the new anthology by The Whole Kahani.

“May We Borrow Your Country” is a wry sideways look at individuals who cross borders, adapt to new cultures and select a self-identity, within their country or a foreign land.

The book, published by Linen Press, will be launched on January 26, 2019 at Waterstones, Gower Street. Save the date!

Cover design by Noruttam Dobey.

Read all about Love Across A Broken Map, the previous anthology by The Whole Kahani here:

Photograph by Jags Parbha.