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🌸 Today we uncover Kavita A. Jindal’s writing habits and peek inside her #ARoomOfOnesOwn! 🖊 The author of Manual for a Decent Life and Whole Kahani co-founder tells us about her writing room and the other places she likes to write – both during the day, and in the middle of the night! – explaining: . “I carry a notebook and pen in the old-fashioned way everywhere I go and I write in it when anything strikes me and I can actually stop to write. I write when waiting for people. I write on the tube or the bus – although that’s sometimes scrawly and illegible, even to me. Mostly I write in the middle of the night with a pen light. Bed is the best writing and thinking space. . When I have to write something on a computer though, which means something that I have a deadline for, or something that I have to send somewhere as it’s being awaited, then I write in my little study. This is a photo of that space. I like to face a blank wall because I’m easily distracted. A blank wall is like a window for me, I go through it into the world I’m constructing and I return through it when I need to return to my real world. . When I want to turn away from words on the screen and concentrate on a point in the distance I gaze outside through the balcony door to my right. There’s light and open space and playing fields, just perfect. . My writing space is small and this photo is carefully managed. Everything at eye level is reasonably neat because I need it to be, to be able to concentrate. The floor is piled high with towers of paper and books-to-read which have been pushed out of shot. So the photo is part veracity and part fiction.” . 📖 The digital version of Kavita’s prize-winning debut novel about power, gender and politics in India in the late 90s, Manual for a Decent Life, is currently available to purchase for only £5.99 from our online shop. Look out for the paperback, which will be published in October! 💫 . #writingroom #kavitaajindal #manualforadecentlife #politicalfiction #diversebooks #diversereads #indianbooks #indianauthors #feministbooks #feministreads #womenwriters #readmorewomen #writerscommunity #bookstagram #feministpublisher #indiepublisher #indiepublishing

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